How We Work

The RPX Group's new venture creation process uses a unique gated process that reduces economic risk. At each stage of the new venture formation process, there is a go no go point where the client can decide whether or not to continue with the start up process.  This assures that expectations are aligned and that risk is minimized.

The RPX Group approach to the new venture creation process consists of four main steps. To learn more, click on any of the individual steps.

Commercialization : Innovation Assessment Commercialization : Market Analysis Commercialization : Business Planning Commercialization : Management Commercialization : Foundation Structure Commercialization : Funding Assistance Commercialization : Infrastructure

New Venture Creation Process

  1. Innovations are screened to determine which have the best prospects for commercialization.
  2. A thorough analysis of the market and the technology is undertaken in order to determine need, competition, potential return and market readiness to accept a new innovation.
  3. After determination of the management structure required to successfully operate the company in its early stages, a detailed business plan is written.
  4. The fourth and last stage covers the foundation, funding and infrastructure required for the new venture to operate.
Action Indicators

Red - stop all work, successful new business unlikely.

Yellow - some data or conditions don't support the new business.

Green - continue work through next phase.