RPX Group helps organizations accelerate their innovations from laboratory to market.

Universities, research laboratories, and companies produce significant numbers of innovations that have the potential to generate meaningful returns. Most organizations find it challenging to realize the full value of these innovations due to the need to focus on core opportunities and meet short-term objectives.

Since 2002, RPX Group has assisted innovators and their firms by capturing the value of disruptive technologies through the creation and spinout of new enterprises. We partner with you in all aspects of the process, including sharing the risk by accepting equity in the enterprises we create together.

RPX stands for Research, Planning and eXecution. Our process applies these principles to the seven key factors of new enterprise development. To learn more, click on any of the individual factors below.

Key Factor

RPX Group Value Added

Key Factors Commercialization: Innovation Assessment Commercialization: Market Analysis Commercialization: Business Planning Commercialization: Management Commercialization: Foundation Structure Commercialization: Funding Assistance Commercialization: Infrastructure

Our experience allows us to more effectively screen technologies and identify the most promising opportunities.

We leverage internal expertise and our relationship networks to identify, analyze and prioritize markets.

Creation of effective business models is based on our deep understanding of the new venture marketplace.

As experienced entrepreneurs we readily identify management team needs and often bring in interim or permanent staff.

We use our market knowledge to create a fundable capital structure and license terms.

Our practical experience as angel investors and in securing grant funding for clients helps us develop achievable capital plans.

We connect companies with the right suppliers, facilities, and service providers.

These seven key factors are addressed in a comprehensive four stage new enterprise development process. When we work with you to implement the complete process the engagement includes intermediate decision points after each of the first three stages that allow you to terminate the project without penalty. In addition we can also support the process through supplemental outreach programs such as the Whiteboard Challenge that educate and inform your inventor community.

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