Startup Strategy

Startup Strategy

What We Do

RPX Group helps companies define and implement client-specific solution strategies that drive new business in the context of current and historic success factors. Our strategy practice is well-suited for transitional or developing companies such as startups, growth companies, turnarounds and corporate transformations.

RPX Group helps you define and sharpen your competitive edge whether you're an entrepreneur, part of a management team, or a strategic planner for a Fortune 50 company. Whatever your corporate profile, you'll benefit from our practical corporate strategy tips, strategic planning exercises, and our assessment and implementation guidelines.

RPX Experience

A History of Success

Drawing on the experience of our team as part of some of the world's most successful companies, we work with companies on issues that affect the bottom line. We advise top management on issues of strategy, operations, technology and sales. We help companies shape their corporate direction and provide insights on specific industries and competitive advantages.


We believe that financial planning and corporate strategy are intertwined and essential to achieve success. We engage in strategic planning that clearly defines objectives and assesses both the internal and external market dynamics to formulate and implement the strategy, evaluate progress, and make the necessary adjustments to deliver shareholder value. The RPX Group corporate strategy approach relies heavily on implementation and results.

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